Wedding Thoughts On: Marriage Prep Classes

I know religion is a sticky subject but I wanted to talk about taking the marriage prep course that is required when getting married in a Catholic Church. David is Catholic and I am United. I don''t want to go too far into religion here but I can't say my family ever really went to church while David's family were extremely committed. We are kind of on opposite sides of the spectrum. It really meant a lot for David to get married in the Catholic church. The same church his parents got married in, he was baptised in, and ultimately where his father was layed to rest. It really was the obvious choice.

One of the requirements to be able to marry in the Catholic church is to take the marriage prep course. I was a little nervous about that one. That was quite a bit of church time for me. I was worried about everyone there judging me as I wasn't Catholic or that there may be lots of traditions that I just didn't know about and would seem really lost partaking in. I was also worried that there would have to be lots of talk about our feelings (I am notoriously shy...punny) or even worse....speaking in front of the whole group!! I am happy to say this couldn't have been further from the truth.


Lake Louise, Alberta

Oh Lake Lousie...Dare I say one of the most photographed lakes in the world. I am too lazy to google but based on how busy it was here the day we chose to visit I am going to say that's a safe bet. It was the most perfect conditions for a canoe ride. The water was so still. Not a single breeze hit us which made me feel less guilty about sitting back and relaxing in the front while David paddled us around. Ok, I helped a bit. Because it was so calm, I decided to brave bringing my camera in the canoe. Usually I am too chicken but it was so worth it to get in some pictures away from the hoards of people that lined the walking paths. I can't stand crowds and even though I knew this is a popular spot I didn't think it would be as crazy as it was that day! The only other time I had been there was years ago in the middle of July and it was absolutely dead that time. I don't know what was going on this August day! Either way we paddled to the end where it is nice and shallow and I scooped up some soft mud and rubbed it on my hands and face. Free spa day, right? I can't say it really did anything for my complexion... just seemed like the right thing to do at the time!


A Herd of Mountain Sheep

These little guys were munching away near a Canmore road. The ram was extremely suspicious of my stopping to take some photos. He was up much higher on a ledge to keep an eye on his ewes and lambs and stare down at me to make sure I wasn't up to any funny business. No one else even bothered to look up at me though. 


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Phew, the last few months have been so busy! Last week I wrapped up some loose ends and finally had a week of no commitments. It was wonderful. I am excited to get the Christmas season going in full swing now. We have our annual work potluck and gift exchange this Thursday and there is nothing more I love than food so I am looking forward to it! I also hope to finish up the last bits and bobs of my Christmas shopping on Friday. Then I plan to sit back and relax until the new year. 

I put up a few Christmas decorations. We don't really have that many and what we do have is all second hand but our apartment is so small that the thought of even more clutter to store makes me want to cry so simple it is! If Davis had his way we would be swimming through a sea of tinsel everyday. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Pottery Lately

My pottery class came and went in a flash this season!! It's a little sad because I probably won't be able to do it again until next autumn so it will be a long wait now before I get to throw some more pots. I've only gotten a couple of items back so far but I tried to focus more on my glazing and painting this time around. Taking more time to make patterns and use a variety of glazes. Oddly enough my first few creations came out having a very similar colour scheme so they have made a bit of a liar out of me!

One thing I love about pottery is that very rarely does anything turn out perfect so right at the beginning you need to let go of any expectation for creating perfection and embrace mishaps. It's kind of freeing to let go of the pressure and just focus on creating.


Drive By: The Rockies

I may a have a few of my "Drive By's" to share with you on the Rockies. Everywhere you look they are amazing. No angle disappoints. The clouds make the mountains looks like floating objects.

Currently we are covered in a thick layer of snow so I decided to wrap Christmas presents and set up there tree this weekemd. When in Rome right? AND I am also excited to say that we booked a quick trip to Newfoundland in January!! I am so excited for a much needed break but for now, without further ado... the Rockies.


Wedding Thoughts: Theme/Feel


Pinterest is pretty overwhelming when you look at all these beautiful weddings with so many elements you want to recreate. Deciding to give our wedding a theme and a feel, if that makes sense, really helped to narrow down what we actually want our day to look like.

Our theme is simplicity and our feel is nature. Having that theme and feel to fall back on helps me decide what I really want and what is actually doable. Anything we decide on needs to fit those two words. Is it nature-y? Is it simple?

Simplicity is the name of our game since we are far away. We are heading over to Newfoundland maybe a week or a week and a half before the wedding but are limited as to what we can bring with us. We don't want to break the bank once we are there either trying to gather up decor.

A little tip I would give for hitting up Pinterest as your planning source is to pick only one photo of each element you want. Say you find a cake you like but then find another cake that is even better! Delete that first cake. This just helps keep thing from being overwhelming and it seems much less daunting to recreate a single cake rather than bits and pieces from four or five cakes.  Before I started this I looked into my wedding page and it was like "Well nuts...what did I even want!?" I also found that pinning different styles I liked really made for a mish mash of my ideas. Narrowing down to just one pin of each element helps make sure things will stay cohesive.

I've actually been quite enjoying planning our wedding from so far away. As I shop around for ideas and items I have started to see how people can fall into "collecting" things for their wedding. Sometimes even forgetting what they have already collected! I can't really buy anything unless it is absolutely necessary and I have to say my budget is extremely happy about this!