Angry Sea

I made a few changes around the blog the last few days. Something had happened to my old layout that really messed everything up and it was annoying me but time was hard to come by so it had to wait. I've really cleaned up the code in the last few days so hopefully that will keep it from mysteriously changing on me again. I still have to fix up my header as it's not as crisp as I would like but it's a start! Feels good to have a refresh! 

Something about the salt water freezing to the shore really draws me in and looks like fluffy clouds. Maybe it's because it is so white against the dark rock. The sea was particularly angry this day and my hands hurt in the cold wind in no time at all. I had to retreat into David's mom's house and watch from the warmth.


Wedding Thought On: Decor

Since we will be seeing our reception space less than a week before the wedding, we decided to keep the decor pretty light. I'm not a big fan of buying a bunch of stuff only to be used once and discarded and who really remembers the decor anyway? Luckily our "theme" is nature and nature tends to match itself pretty easily so it shouldn't be too much of a challenge to scrounge up some items from the great outdoors to decorate with. Here's my ideas for cost-conscious and recyclable wedding decor:


A Little Bit of Spring

Spring has kind of sprung here! In true Canadian fashion I was out in my sleeveless shirt for this day! If that temperature is anywhere above zero it calls for summer wear. No if's, and's, or but's. In an added bonus my arms worked as camouflage as I just faded into the snowy hills. Not a particularly sunny day but I like to tell myself I got a bit of a tan. 

My mom and I decided to walk down to the "creek" that has been forming, all the while telling Keko there were mice under the snow. Cue his concerned look below. 


Pi(e) Day!

I'm not one to really get into "holidays" like Pi Day but I do love pie and work with math day in and day out so I guess that means I love Pi Day by default. I had some free time yesterday after work and a bag of rhubarb still in the freezer from last year. It was kinda begging me to make it into a pie. I walked to the store for some strawberries and decided to try my hand at making a crust from scratch. Despite priding myself on my baking skillz, I've never made a from scratch pie crust. It's not the most beautiful pie but it sure is tasty!

My most used recipe site (especially for sweets) is Rock Recipes. This is the one I used for my pie but made a top crust instead of a crumble. I have a whole jar of filling left over as well so my daily yogurt breakfast just got a whole lot yummier!


Pottery Work

For most of my first one and a half sessions of pottery I made pretty small/short things on the wheel. Something clicked in my last few sessions and I felt like I could bring up my clay higher and higher without worry that it would collapse. It felt much more natural and less of a fight. Hopefully I don't forget everything for the fall classes! I spent my last session playing more with the glazes as well at the ways to finish the bottom of the pottery.

 I didn't love the difference in the colours that came out in this pot. They were just off enough that it looks a bit mis-matched. My lid also doesn't fit great due how lop-sided it came out. Not some of my best work. Certainly one that will probably be tucked into the back of a cupboard!

 In my first session I hated how the brown/gold turned out. It hardly had any gold on it despite what the glaze samples showed and was very flat and boring. For this bowl I dipped it once, scraped the outside with a ton of tiny vertical lines around it, and dipped it in the glaze again. I loved the outcome!! There turned out to be a mix of browns going horizontally and so much gold speckles! This is my favourite creation so far!

While finding my love for the brown/gold glaze I decided to mix it up with a light flat green. Even though my glaze dripped and smeared I still really like the colour combo so next class with certainly have more experiments with these two colours.

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