Smith's Look-Out

For some wild reason we decided to go on a near night walk up to Smith's Lookout in Twillingate. Even if it was blizzard-y and foggy the views of the ocean and town below were worth it. The houses and buildings in town almost blend into the rocky landscape and it's hard to tell what your looking at. I have another set from this night as it got darker. I love the blues that come through. 


Four Things to Accomplish in 2015

For some reason I am finding it tough to get back into the swing of this new year. I am a creature of routine and habit so it's a bit weird for me to not be able to focus and organize. This is why my annual resolutions post is a wee bit behind schedule. Oh well!

Last year's list worked out really well for me! Putting four things I want to accomplish out onto the internet made it a bit more permanent than just a fleeting thought that disappeared after January so I am doing it again. This year is going to be a little less crafty and a little more healthy. Here's what I want to work on this year:


Morning Routine Overhaul

I wake up at 6:30 every morning, make our breakfasts to go, pack our lunches, get dressed, grab a coffee, and rush out of the house by 7:00. I don't have kids to get ready or anything but it's still a bit hectic and I think sets me up for a tired, lethargic day. This year I want to change that by adding a solid 10 minute stretch followed by a whole glass of water. I've been doing this since I went back to work after the holidays and it's amazing how much better this wakes you up over caffeine! speaking of which...

More Tea, Less Coffee

My stomach wont allow me to have more than one cup of coffee a day. I don't even like it that much and it's just become a habit. I do already drink plain ol' green tea all throughout the day but I want to replace that morning cup of joe and add a calming night time cup as well. I am eyeing these two. This tea for morning and this one for night.



I do yoga roughly once a week at home in the past but I want to amp that up a bit. A half hour a week night and a long session sometime the weekend is my goal. I also want to really try some challenging poses and set my mind on practising and perfecting them.


Knit a Pattern

I mean a real pattern pattern. Another knitting post is called for soon as I've actually stopped making 100 mistakes and started to make pieces that you can actually wear out in public! Yay! This pattern is going to be on my to-do list this year!


Looking Out At The North Atlantic

Hello again! I am happy to say our flights went generally well this time around! They lost our luggage on the way down but thankfully Gander has a very small airport and we were able to call the next day and have someone literally take a walk around and find our suitcase. The advantages of a small town! 

Despite the wind whipping off the North Atlantic, we got out for quite a few chilly walks and I managed to get a ton of photos. This set was from an afternoon dog walk behind the house. Get ready for a lot of rosy cheeks from Newfoundland.


Jetting Off

We are off for a quick little trip to Newfoundland this week. I am trying to be a light packer this time around. I always over-pack and there is no need for me to bring my whole closet half way across the world for a week, only wear a handful of things, and bring it back. So only a couple warm layers and that's it!

I know this past holiday season is a good time to re-charge and relax but it goes by so fast here that it always just feels like a blur. Something about island life makes you slow down though. No errands to run, no stores to shop in, no crowds to fight. I don't even get reception anywhere on the island! I can't wait! Not to mention the food. Ultimate home-made comfort food like cod au gratin and (my personal favourite) pease puddin'. Sometimes I just boil up a bag of peas for my supper. No shame.

I am just hoping (no...praying!!) that our flights go as planned. For some reason we can never catch a break with flights. No matter what time of year it is we are always delayed. Sometimes for an hour, sometimes for 8 hours, sometimes for days! Our record so far has been an 8 hour flight that turned into 5 days and 6 cities. Our bad luck is starting to give me plane travel anxiety so, fingers crossed, everything will just go on time!! Is that too much to ask!!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great time ushering in the 2015. I know I will be napping all day as is my ideal way to start off a year. These photos were taken on the Dec. 20, the day before the winter solstice. In Edmonton the sun didn't bother getting up until 8:48 and set at 4:16 to mark our shortest day. I went out to get these photos at 4:00 and it didn't take long to turn to darkness and show the starry sky. We get a lot of clear days here being one of the sunniest cities in Canada. You would think we wouldn't spend over 80 days a year below zero but alas. At least we aren't Winter-peg, Manisnowba am I right? 


Four Things I Accomplished in 2014

At the beginning of the year I set four things that I wanted to accomplish this year. Instead of the usual not so fun resolutions I choose some things I had wanted to try from a creative standpoint. Here is how I did:

Try NÃ¥lebinding. 

After searching for tutorials on youtube (after many, many tries) I managed to make the ear wrap pictured above. I then feel really deep into a knitting rabbit hole and haven't resurfaced since. I may have moved on from nalbinding but I certainly gained a whole new hobby this year so I would call this one a success!

Take a Pottery Class.

Not only did I take a pottery class... I took two! This was such a great break from the work week. I too it on Wednesday night for 3 hours so just as the week stress was amping up I was able to get some pent up creative energy out. Taking a class also really forces you to get out and stick to it. I really would love to take another one in 2015 but we are saving our pennies for the wedding so perhaps next fall I will take another.

Create More Movies.

This one is kind of successful. We only were able to squeeze in two trips this year and I take plenty of video footage to make a a little 1-2 min movie out of each trip. I haven't decided to post them here though because they are so shaky...SO shaky!! The actual content is quite nice but I am just not impressed with my camera handling. Hmmm.... Should I post them?

Make Some REAL Decisions.

This one was about whether or not we will move across the country. We've kinda made a decision. If David can get a teaching job there we will move but it doesn't make sense for him to give up his job here and me to give up mine to move somewhere where there aren't a ton of jobs. At least not yet. Was this one accomplished? I say yes. I am waaaay more comfortable/excited about someday moving than I was a year ago!

I am in the process on deciding on what to try to accomplish for next year but come January I will definitely have a few more goals for myself. Happy New Year!


Christmas Times

Merry Christmas Everyone! What better way to spend the day sitting around the wood stove and keeping warm with kitties. Of course our day was also full of food and get togethers but nothing beats relaxing by the fire. This is actually my mom's garage, also known as the cat's house. They spend the winters curled up next to the roaring fire trying to avoid fighting (not very hard though might I add). It's a nice place to carry on your outdoorsy activities when the sun goes down and the cat's don't mind the extra cuddle time!